architecten dvvt

In 2010 ‘jan de vylder architecten’ changed into ‘architecten de vylder vinck taillieu’.
This is not only due to growth or ambition of ‘jan de vylder architecten’; but also because of intrinsic interest and desire of ‘jan de
vylder architecten’ and ‘jo taillieu architecten’ to work together.
With this also the name of Inge Vinck became visible; until that time rather invisible although present as partner of ‘jan de vylder
architecten bvba’.
Initially the office started up in 2008 as ‘jan de vylder architecten bvba’.
Yet at that time Jan De Vylder and Inge Vinck were both architect-principle.
Before 2008 the office was called ‘jan de vylder en trice hofkens architecten fv’; office established by Jan De Vylder en Trice Hofkens in
2001. In 2008 Trice Hofkens quitted the office.
Until 2010 Jo Taillieu ran his own office under the name ‘jo taillieu architecten bvba’.