What it means to achieve “sustainability” from a transportation perspective? New paper on Sustainable Mobility is out!

A new City Protocol publication on Sustainable Mobility is out!

The period of public review just started today. Comments and feedback are welcome to editor@cityprotocol.org by July 17, 2016.

More information about this publication:

Following the City Protocol Development Theme of City Transformation, specifically improving livability/quality of life, this document is inspired in part by the Livable Districts and Cities document (see: http://www.cptf.cityprotocol.org/Publications/CPC_004_Livable_Districts_and_Cities.pdf) and the need for cities to have a common definition and understanding of how to make their aspirations for sustainable mobility actionable.

This document seeks to advance this by establishing a comprehensive definition of Sustainable Mobility that is actionable using City Protocol tools and resources (Indicators and Action Domains for Livability). Sustainable mobility can be made actionable by identifying the environmental, social, economic and well-being benefits associated with the decrease in motorized vehicle dominance in cities and by prioritizing walking, bicycling, and public transportation, combined with appropriate metropolitan public transportation systems. Strategies that also address modal shift, land use policies to promote mix-of-uses, and proximity of functions/services and activities within the city should decrease urban traffic levels.

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CPCWD_06_ Sustainable Mobility