Announcement of the new collaboration between the Government of Catalonia and City Protocol Society at the World Mobile Congress’16

The Government of Catalonia taking a leading role in the definition of the the worldwide standard of Smart City in Catalonia

Within the framework of the Government of Catalonia new strategy SmartCAT, which will turn Catalonia into a Smart Region of international reference, on Tuesday 23 the Secretary of ICT Governance presented the agreement signed between the Government of Catalonia and City Protocol Society to foster the definition of an interoperability platform for cities and regions. This platform will ease communication and work in community of municipalities.

The President of City Protocol Society, Ger Baron, President of the CPS and representative of Smart City of Amsterdam, Francesc Giralt, Director and chair of the CPS  and Jordi Puignero, the Secretary of ICT Governance, made the official announcement at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2016. According to the announcement made by the Secretary Jordi Puigneró during the presentation of this agreement and in the framwork of  the Mobile World Congress 2016 “Catalonia has a smart strategy to expand the concept of smart city across the terrirtorry and this agreement means a new step forward in that sense, since it will provide a new tool to foster the development of innovative solutions and the application of digital technologies for the urban/regional sustainability.” City Protocol Society is a nonprofit community of practice formed by local governments and public organizations, companies and knowledge institutions that has become leader in the definition of the protocols for connected cities. With this agreement, the Government of Catalonia takes up a stance in the Catalan Chapter, that will ensure the city transformations and collaborative protocols permeate into the territory working as an interconnected regional network of cities of any size.