Anatomy Ontology Now Available for Public Review!

We are glad to announce that the Anatomy Ontology is open now for public review. Comments and feedback are welcome by April 30, 2016 to editor CPTF (

Anatomy Ontology (Foundation Ontology for the City Anatomy)

Ontology files 


More information about this publication:

  1. The aim of this document is to develop a foundation ontology that will further define the main building blocks of the City Anatomy model.
  2. Statement of Purpose/Objective. The following specific objectives will be achieved though this document:
    • Development of a common vocabulary and formal knowledge model linked to the City Anatomy model, based on input from experts in diverse domains related to cities.
    • Development of a foundation ontology where individual ontology modules will be extended by domain-specific task teams.
    • Implementation of the ontology using open standards (specifically the current implementation is in OWL).
  3. Approach.This document enables the construct established in the City Anatomy to become highly adaptable, interoperable and actionable through use of a common vocabulary and machine-readable interpretation of data and content.
  4. Deliverable Description This document attempts to formalize the concepts put forth in a narrative framework by the City Anatomy Agreement. It ties into the City Foundation and City Transformation Development Themes because it will advance a systems-based science of the city, and utilize a common vocabulary to implement the conceptual framework of the City Anatomy.

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