Child Care Center: Integration with Nature

Child Care Center: Integration with Nature

Posted on December 2, 2021 by xavigonzalez

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The Child Care Center was born from a set of intentions directed at creating an impact on future generations.
Architecture becomes matter, space, light and its integration with nature. Only the essentials.

Earth is used as a raw material for the walls, drawing the floor plan to create the living spaces. This material, which contains primitive and elemental information, with connections to our memory and our senses, allows us to experience textures, colors, smells and a series of emotions that enrich perception and learning in early childhood.

This way, an introspective, inward-looking construction is created, as an incubator for the life that takes place there. On the outside, the volumes of earth hide and protect the interior. On the inside, quite the opposite occurs: the solid elements serve to construct open spaces and organize the voids.

Cross ventilation, green roofs, natural lighting, and the use of materials with a low environmental impact, are all considerations that are incorporated into the architectural design to guarantee thermal comfort for the users.

The center consists of four main spaces: two large classrooms, which are each subdivided into two, a dining room and an administrative area. Each space, which open onto courtyards on both sides, communicate visually with their surroundings, eliminating the concept of the classroom as a closed space.

The central courtyard, which functions as the children’s play area, becomes a focal point of the complex. It is a meeting point for different ages, a floor with various textures and materials, where you learn by playing and you play to learn.
This is how a common and ordinary suburban city block corner became a center of knowledge, a center of learning, tending to the seeds that are planted there, so that little by little, the world can witness their fruits.


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