Building Technology Series

This is a series of engaging conversations with industry and academic leaders on the growing relevance of building technology as a matter of concern for architecture. urbanNext has produced a collection of conversations with contributors that range from the fields of academic research to engineering and design. The sessions tackle the contemporary and relevant issues around building ecology, thermodynamics, education and politics. The guests highlight the operative frameworks that connect the construction logics to develop novel models of extended ecosystems working on the integration between the natural and the artificial. Questions around values and meaning in relation to the theorization of the envelope as a barrier and a recipient of contemporary requirements are discussed. Technology is sometimes understood here as a toolset to rethink design techniques and redefine the materiality of the built environment. This leads to engaging speculations on the future of robotic fabrication, data optimization and behavioral design. The different ecologies of the envelope are assessed through economical, material, political, ecological and aesthetic lenses that challenge the multi-scalar, collective and territorial dimensions, connecting the built environment with its construction logics.