BioMed City

Hilary Sample

Published in Verb Crisis, 2008.


BMC (BioMed City) has a specific architecture that is highly refined both in terms of its programmatic requirements and its adoption of sustainable technologies.

It concentrates essential elements within the limits of the BMC—research labs, hospitals, offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums, public lounge spaces, exterior gathering spaces, daycare, retail, housing, expansions of transit infrastructures, new subway stops, parking, education spaces, pharmacies, clinics, massage therapies, yoga, gyms, health clubs, gardens, libraries—all configured in a highly organized massing fit into an already existing urban fabric. The BMC builds new buildings but reuses or expands existing infrastructures. Its potency lies in its ability to anchor itself into an existing context, reshaping it into new forms for the purpose of improving the pursuit of urban health.

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