Bio-Tech Tower Taipei


This project is featured in InnovatiON-Architecture by Eduardo Gutierrez and Jordi Fernández (on-a), edited by Ricardo Devesa, published by Actar Publishers.

This 39-story tower of luxury homes was designed for the city of Taipei, in an area facing the Tamsui River that is undergoing an urban transformation. The façade, a large structural mesh, colors the landscape green and provides a large, glazed surface so that all the rooms can maintain a connection with the outside.
Using bioarchitecture, we designed a green building to connect the inhabitants with nature, although they are living in an urban area. In psychology, green is associated with relaxation, harmony and freshness.

The design for this building aims to convey a feeling of wellbeing and health to its inhabitants and throughout its overall surroundings.
In addition to reducing the environmental impact of the construction and improving the citizens’ quality of life, the building’s greenery supports an emotional interaction with the end user. A green strip is designed around the perimeter of each story, which helps to distance users from the built limit, thus providing a greater sense of safety.

The interior of this 150-meter-high tower is organized to house various uses: on the ground floor there is a large lobby that provides access to the rest of the building; the next three floors are occupied by the residential club; the fourth floor through the 35th accommodate three different types of housing; and beginning from level 36 (129.70 m) there is a leisure area for users with a gym, swimming pool and restaurant.
The uniqueness of the design works as a catalyst for positive emotions: physical and visual wellbeing, comfort with sustainable materials that actively contribute to the occupants’ health, and flexibility in the uses of the designed spaces.

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