Safar Journal #3

Journal Safar was launched 3 years ago. It is one of the many projects Studio Safar dream of diving into, in the realm of publishing. The idea came from the drive to initiate projects of interest, and this magazine specifically is inspired by Mohieddine El Labbad’s series of publications called Nazar, Arabic for vision. El Labbad, dubbed the Egyptian Milton Glaser, created a series of observations and critiques on visual culture and graphic design in the Arab world in the 1980’s–Debatably some of a few to ever exist outside academia. This platform is here now, to encourage designers to write more on design in the region. The idea is to design, edit and publish a yearly magazine on and around graphic design, in relation to other creative fields we are passionate about such as food, film, art, comics and poetry. The magazine is entirely bilingual and themed, the contributions are translated to either English or Arabic depending on the original language it is conceived in.