In response to an invited urban competition in Rishon LeZion, Israel, we developed a strategy for connecting community and city at multiple levels. Rishon is a gateway to the larger city of Tel Aviv to the north. Our process began by reinforcing the existing dune landscapes and green berms created by the sunken highway and rail line. This idea, created a series of green “blankets” turning an otherwise unusable landscape into a hilly parkland as the center and terminal point for Rishon. The park forms a “Gate” rising up from surrounding landscape to signify the entrance into the city. The existing infrastructure combined with the new biking, skating, and walking paths transform all four sectors of Rishon into one intertwined city as a hyperactive terminal.

INSET A NEW LIFE ECOLOGY // The green berms are not just extensions of the existing landscape, but contain and cover a whole new level of services. The addition of varied services elevates Rishon to a destination city of the 21st century, with a saturation of sporting events, markets, and entertainment venues.

CREATE A MARKER // A high tower is the marker of arrival. The high rise itself has a mix of functions allowing for residences, work-spaces, and retail. Loft-like spaces within the tower are adaptable to any function. The tower becomes the new business attractor for the city, providing new ambition and identity.