Aquatic Systems: Increasing Productivity and Sustaining Ecosystems

ORG Permanent Modernity

The development of large-scale offshore, multifunctional infrastructures and coastal planning strategies can provide many services, such as blue energy, environmental resiliency, aquaculture, or blue tourism, working to create a successful future for our oceans and lakes. Maritime resources can be harnessed and accessed through systems that increase productivity and sustain ecosystems. While new projects are poised for the future, they require large investment and wide support to get built.

ORG has developed a process that clears a path to get projects realized. Infrastructure investments stay on time and budget through carefully curated co-creation and stakeholder management and implementation strategies.

Repurpose Existing Infrastructure

There are a growing number of abandoned offshore infrastructures in seas and oceans. Aging offshore infrastructures, especially in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, high costs associated with offshore decommissioning processes, and environmental, health, and safety issues are some of the problems associated with abandoned offshore infrastructures. On the other hand, macro trends in the oil industry and renewable energy sector show a focus on offshore opportunities. Worldwide, there is a huge market potential for offshore energy infrastructure decommissioning. In addition to that, policies and governments (especially in the US) are focused on cleaning up abandoned oil wells nationwide (for instance, through a rigs-to-refs policy that has been in practice for many years). Governments are jumpstarting offshore renewable energy projects and taking coordinated steps to support rapid offshore wind deployment.

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