US Pavlion, 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

Sited in Southwest Detroit, this project for the US Pavlion, 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, aims to preempt pollution and displacement impacts of international trade infrastructure at the border between Canada and the US.

Promised Air, a proposal for Mexicantown/Southwest Detroit, engages the consequences of North American infrastructure for urban housing, industrial plants, international institutions, and air quality.

Perhaps nowhere in North America is the effect of intra-continental trade so intensely and physically localized as in Southwest Detroit.  Over 10,000 trucks cross the Detroit Rover every day by bridge and tunnel.  Extensive highways and freight lines cut through the area, and some 900 residents of Detroit’s Delray neighborhood are being displaced to make way for the Gordie Howie International Bridge.

The program for the 11-acre site is conceived as layers of remediation – remediating the displacement of nearby residents, remediating the proiferation of trucks in residential neighborhoods, and remediating the air pollution emitted by industry and diesel engines.