Editorial managing

Ramon Prat (general curator), Ricardo Devesa (editor-in-chief), Marta Ariza (editor), Núria Moliner (editor), Xavier González (web), Actar Publishers (design and production) and Angela K. Bunning (copy-editing).


Editorial board 

Neeraj Bhatia (The Open Workshop, USA). Design | Politics, Pluralism, Action, Infrastructure, Urbanism, Remoteness, Frontier, Domesticity, Energy, Resources.

Boris Brorman Jensen (Independent researcher, consultant and practicing architect, DK). Urbanism | Urban Design, Planning, Urban Spaces, Globalization of Cities, Architecture and the Civil Society, Cultural Geography, Architectural Theory.

Angela K. Bunning. Culture | Comparative Literature, Architecture Theory, Narrative, Poetry, Theater, Cities.

Nerea Calvillo (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick, UK). Territory | Urban Data, Environmental Sensing, Urban Political Ecologies, Pollution and Toxicity, Urban Air and Atmospheres, Digital infrastructures, Science and Technology Studies.

Salmaan Craig (GSD, USA). Fabrication | Materials Science, Materials Culture, Building Science, Thermodynamics, Architecture.

Javier García-Germán (ETSAM, SP) Architecture and urbanism | Thermodynamics, Atmosphere, Meteorology, Material Science, Physiology, Neuroscience, Perception.

Daniel Ibáñez (GSD, Urban Theory Lab, USA). Urbanism | Urban Metabolism, Urban Political Ecology, Planetary Urbanization, Landscape and Ecological Urbanism, Open Systems, Energy and Biomass Flows, Sustainability.

Interboro (Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore). Urbanism | Social Accessibility, Built Environment, Design Critic, Urban Planning.

Alex Ivancic (International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism, JP). Sustainability | Energy, Renewal Resources, Infrastructures, Urban Metabolism, Energyscapes, NZEB.

Jianjia Zhou (Tongji University, CHN). Formal | Informal City, Infrastructure, Zone, Urban Informatics, Formal/Informal City, Border and Boundary, Critical Cartography, Technocracy.

Janette Kim (Syracuse University, All of the Above, ARPA Journal, USA). Political Ecology | Energy, Biodiversity, Climate Risk, Theories of Nature, Public Space.

Linxue Li (Tongji University, CHN). Energy & Thermodynamics | Climatic Responsive Form, Material Culture, Natural System, Chinese Urbanization, Socio-Eco Issue, Practice In-Situ.

Areti Markopoulou (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia -IaaC-, SP). Design and Technology | Information, Urban Dynamics, Adaptive Environments, Design Behaviors, Digital Matter, Intelligent Constructions, City & Technology, User innovation.

Kiel Moe (GSD, MDes, USA). Models | Thermodynamics, Post-Sustainability, Cosmopolitanism, Magnificence, Formation, Building.

Lluís Ortega (Illinois Institute of Technology -ITT-, USA). Design | Architecture, Communication, Digitalization, Suprarural.

Roger Paez (La Salle, Elisava, SP). Design | Temporary spaces, Architecture, Mapping, Operative cartography, Strategy, Mediation systems, Representation.

Eduardo Rega (PennDesign, UPenn, USA) Autonomy, Agency, Translation, Architecture | Politics, Actor-Networks, Urbanism, Spatial Tactics, Detroiters’ Spatial Imagination.

Ibai Rigby (Independent architecture researcher and consultant, SW) Urbanism | Landscape and Architecture History, Socio-economic Development, Tourism, Photography and Visual Culture.

Miriam Roure (Field, SP). Urban Technologies | Responsive Environments, Urban Planning, Data Infrastructures, Ambient Intelligence, Technocracy, Resilience, Sustainability.

Roi Salgueiro (Massachussets Institute of Technology -MIT-, Center for Advanced Urbanism, USA). Design | Architecture, Urbanization and Geography, Mondialisation, Architectural theory.

Kazys Varnelis (Network Architecture Lab and AUDC, USA | University of Limerick, Ireland). Territory | Infrastructure, Architecture, Urbanism, Communication, Networks, Culture, Art, Scenario and Game Theory.


Content contributors

300.000Km/s (Pablo Martínez, Mar Santamaria). Urban Data | Environmental, Urban Ecologies, Economy, Data Noise, Digital, Technology Studies.

Ariadna Cantis (Principal at Cantis Comunicación, SP). Communication Strategies | Architecture, Urbanism, Art, Culture, Media, Decision Making.

Architizer Architecture Curators | Architecture, Urbanism, Art, Culture, Media. (Archinet and InfraNet Lab) Research | Architecture, Environment, Digital Culture.

Daniel Ruiz (Principal at RuizRivas). Audiovisual editor | Detroiters’ Spatial Imagination, Photography, Report, Africa.

ENTR ECOT. Life (Mario Novas, Katerina Kliwadenko) Audiovisual editors | Southern Coexistences, Creative Process, Photography, Report, Latin America.

Kerb (RMIT University School of Architecture and Design). Research | Landscape Architecture, Built Landscape, Environment, Digital Culture.