Editorial managing

Ramon Prat (general curator), Ricardo Devesa (editor-in-chief), Marta Bugés (editor & content manager), Candela De Bortoli (editor & community manager),  Sara Traba (audiovisual editor), Elsa Sánchez (sales & marketing), Gloria Schönburg (editor), Xavier González (web, UX architecture, editor), Actar Publishers (design and production) and Angela K. Bunning (copy-editing).

Editorial board 

Neeraj Bhatia (The Open Workshop, USA). Design | Politics, Pluralism, Action, Infrastructure, Urbanism, Remoteness, Frontier, Domesticity, Energy, Resources.

Boris Brorman Jensen (Independent researcher, consultant and practicing architect, DK). Urbanism | Urban Design, Planning, Urban Spaces, Globalization of Cities, Architecture and the Civil Society, Cultural Geography, Architectural Theory.

Angela K. Bunning. Culture | Comparative Literature, Architecture Theory, Narrative, Poetry, Theater, Cities.

Nerea Calvillo (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick, UK). Territory | Urban Data, Environmental Sensing, Urban Political Ecologies, Pollution and Toxicity, Urban Air and Atmospheres, Digital infrastructures, Science and Technology Studies.

Nicola V. Canessa (Adjunct Professor in “Laboratory of urbanism” in the University of Genoa – UNIGE, Italy) Territory | Urbanism, Landscape Resilience and BigData City.

Dan Choi (Logos Development, Dan Choi Architects) Real Estate Development, Sustainability, Urban Technologies, Art & Architecture, Urban Planning, A.I. & Programming.

Salmaan Craig (GSD, USA). Fabrication | Materials Science, Materials Culture, Building Science, Thermodynamics, Architecture.

Javier García-Germán (ETSAM, SP) Architecture and urbanism | Thermodynamics, Atmosphere, Meteorology, Material Science, Physiology, Neuroscience, Perception.

Ian Garrick Mason Independent filmmaker, photographer, and essayist. His short documentaries regularly focus on urban issues and architecture, as well as on thinkers and innovators in those fields.

Daniel Ibáñez (GSD, Urban Theory Lab, USA). Urbanism | Urban Metabolism, Urban Political Ecology, Planetary Urbanization, Landscape and Ecological Urbanism, Open Systems, Energy and Biomass Flows, Sustainability.

Interboro (Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca, and Georgeen Theodore). Urbanism | Social Accessibility, Built Environment, Design Critic, Urban Planning.

Alex Ivancic (International Keio Institute for Architecture and Urbanism, JP). Sustainability | Energy, Renewal Resources, Infrastructures, Urban Metabolism, Energyscapes, NZEB.

Jianjia Zhou (Tongji University, CHN). Formal | Informal City, Infrastructure, Zone, Urban Informatics, Formal/Informal City, Border and Boundary, Critical Cartography, Technocracy.

Janette Kim (Syracuse University, All of the Above, ARPA Journal, USA). Political Ecology | Energy, Biodiversity, Climate Risk, Theories of Nature, Public Space.

Linxue Li (Tongji University, CHN). Energy & Thermodynamics | Climatic Responsive Form, Material Culture, Natural System, Chinese Urbanization, Socio-Eco Issue, Practice In-Situ.

Areti Markopoulou (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia -IaaC-, SP). Design and Technology | Information, Urban Dynamics, Adaptive Environments, Design Behaviors, Digital Matter, Intelligent Constructions, City & Technology, User innovation.

Kiel Moe (GSD, MDes, USA). Models | Thermodynamics, Post-Sustainability, Cosmopolitanism, Magnificence, Formation, Building.

Mila Nikolić (Alfa University Belgrade, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Art, Architecture and City | Architectural Criticism; Museum Design, Clusters and Networks; Urban Curating; Cultural Planning, Programming and Resilience

Lluís Ortega (Illinois Institute of Technology -ITT-, USA). Design | Architecture, Communication, Digitalization, Suprarural.

Roger Paez (La Salle, Elisava, SP). Design | Temporary spaces, Architecture, Mapping, Operative cartography, Strategy, Mediation systems, Representation.

Eduardo Rega (PennDesign, UPenn, USA) Autonomy, Agency, Translation, Architecture | Politics, Actor-Networks, Urbanism, Spatial Tactics, Detroiters’ Spatial Imagination.

Ibai Rigby (Independent architecture researcher and consultant, SW) Urbanism | Landscape and Architecture History, Socio-economic Development, Tourism, Photography and Visual Culture.

Miriam Roure (Field, SP). Urban Technologies | Responsive Environments, Urban Planning, Data Infrastructures, Ambient Intelligence, Technocracy, Resilience, Sustainability.

Firas Safieddine (NeuroTech BCN) | Responsive Architecture, Technology, Neuroscience, Data, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and the City.

Roi Salgueiro (Massachussets Institute of Technology -MIT-, Center for Advanced Urbanism, USA). Design | Architecture, Urbanization and Geography, Mondialisation, Architectural theory.

Kazys Varnelis (Network Architecture Lab and AUDC, USA | University of Limerick, Ireland). Territory | Infrastructure, Architecture, Urbanism, Communication, Networks, Culture, Art, Scenario and Game Theory.


Content contributors

300.000Km/s (Pablo Martínez, Mar Santamaria). Urban Data | Environmental, Urban Ecologies, Economy, Data Noise, Digital, Technology Studies.

Ariadna Cantis (Principal at Cantis Comunicación, SP). Communication Strategies | Architecture, Urbanism, Art, Culture, Media, Decision Making.

Architizer Architecture Curators | Architecture, Urbanism, Art, Culture, Media. (Archinet and InfraNet Lab) Research | Architecture, Environment, Digital Culture.

Daniel Ruiz (Principal at RuizRivas). Audiovisual editor | Detroiters’ Spatial Imagination, Photography, Report, Africa.

Itinerant Office Develops strategies, research and architectural projects at different levels, supported by an open, international and multidisciplinary network.

Kerb (RMIT University School of Architecture and Design). Research | Landscape Architecture, Built Landscape, Environment, Digital Culture.

ODA New York (Eran Chen & Juan Roque Urrutia)

PLANE – SITE Global agency working at the interface of urban form, cultural space and social life.