Book Presentation: A Sense of Culture

Thursday, October 19th 16:30-17:30
ABC Amsterdam, Spui 12 1012XA

If you want to join Mariska for refreshments afterwards at N29 (Noorderstraat 29 Amsterdam, 1017 TR) please reserve via link on Eventbrite

Drs. Mariska Stevens will present her book A Sense of Culture.

Are you looking for an alternative publication or alternative text books in cross-cultural communication and international trade?

A Sense of Culture: Cultural Anthropology in a Cross Cultural Perspective combines the methodology of cultural anthropology with case-studies on cross-cultural communication. It explains how anthropological concepts can be applied in everyday situations by people working, living or studying within a culture different from their own. Although this book is of interest to anyone who is working within environments across cultures, one of the extra special features of this publication is that it can be used as a textbook for students in Cultural Anthropology, Economy, Communication Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication and Business Administration and International Trade.

About Drs. Mariska Stevens and Crossroad Culture:
Drs. Mariska Stevens owns Crossroad Culture. She currently teaches, among other, in the field of cross cultural business communication and cross cultural psychology in Europe and China. Crossroad Culture aims for integrity and excellence in social, psychological, cultural anthropological scientific research, writing, training and communication support; development planning, project design and economic development; educational exchange with China; inter cultural negotiation and international business training. The current focus of Crossroad Culture is on Traditional Chinese Medicine, admission of remedies within the European Community and cooperation between Chinese and Dutch partners in healthcare

Crossroad Culture organizes conferences and seminar to improve business relations between the China and Europe.Its focus, among other, is to improve international economic ‘ ‘rule by ethics” through creating stakeholder initiatives improving local and regional development. These seminars are organized in the Netherlands as well as in China. To this end it also publishes a magazine twice a year and regularly posts columns on the internet and cooperates with international law firms and academic experts and sustainable oriented companies.

Crossroad Culture also cooperates with Donghua University in Shanghai, China in workshops Cross Cultural Business Communication, Audiovisual Techniques, Psychology and Doing Business Between Europe and China. Furthermore organizes workshops on Tai Ji Chuan, Qi Gong and Chinese calligraphy for international students at CIP (Center for International Exchange) in Shanghai. The publication activity of Crossroad Culture cooperates with Donghua on creating affordable educational textbooks on BA and International Trade toppics.

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